A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made during a 24h game jam.

The game is about two lovers who have grown apart and the process of moving past a thing that can be as integral to ones integrity as a relationship can be.

Despite trying to distance yourself, you still find that you move in synchronicity. Taking left, because you know the other would go right. And there you are again, helping each other, still not independent despite trying to create an ABCENSE that might be filled by something new.

The game is about the process of having loved someone, and trying to move on after whatever you shared no longer is what it was.

Made by:

Vetle Bugge

Joachim Holmsen

Jonas Jespersen

Mattias Tronslien

Camilla Wang

Install instructions

Download, unpackage, run and enjoy


GrownApart.zip 21 MB

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